Staghorn Sumac

Staghorn SumacStaghorn Sumac is offended found around streams fence rows and old field. Its offend found on trees no larger than 30 feet with hairy bark and branches, Sumac can be used all year around and comes in fist size ice-cream cone shapes and is best in late summer or fall.


Staghorn SumacYou can steep it like tea or make it into ice tea when cooled and has very strong lemon taste.
Caution: you should drink within reason some people can have an allergic reaction to this plant.

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The blueberry is widely found in new Brunswick and all over eastern Canada the berry has a blue skin which may have a almost purple color in the light the bushes for these barriers are found almost any where I have found them in rocky areas and in marshy areas the berry of the bush is the only part you eat and can be harvested in large amounts to put in just about everything from cereal to muffins.

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BunchBerriesBunchberries are found all over Canada and can be eaten raw or cooked although they are very much tasteless. They are found in large amounts and are nutritious to eat. They can be cooked and put into other meals as filler or eaten with other berries that have strong tastes! Bunchbarries and are best eaten in late summer and fall.

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Red Raspberries

Red RaspberriesRed Raspberries can be found near old roads, housed and in fields on bushes. They tend to grow up to 6 feet and have stiff hairs all over the plant which can be a pain when picking. The Berries tends to look similar to a strawberry but the fruit looks like many small barriers in a cluster. The barriers can be made into jams, juice, pies and can be eaten just how they are or put into any drink, cereal or salad to sweeten it.

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StrawBerriesAlmost everyone know what natural strawberries look like but here is a recap of what they can be use for. Natural Strawberries can be made info anything from teas to jams, can be cut up into salads or eaten raw just how they are. The only problem is that many animals

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White Birch Bark Tree

White Birch Bark TreeThe white birch or paper birch is one of the most useful in the woods, all birch trees are useful this one is white, and is used for everything from paper to canoes, bowls, cups and even kids sleds as well as many other items. The bark can be harvested in sheets (which can be tricky the smaller or older the tree). The most important things about birch trees is they are very flammable Which makes them ideal for tinder and making fires.

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BlackBerriesAlthough blackberries are almost identical to raspberries except for their color, which is black or more like a dark blue. They are eaten in the very same way and can be made into jams and eaten raw added to foods and drinks for flavor.

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May Apple

May AppleMay Apple also known as umbrella plant, American mandrake, duck's foot, wild lemon, hog apple, ground lemon, mandrake root, raccoon berry, Indian apple.

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