WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL Review

WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewThis item is the holy grail of fishing or backpacking gear. For many years people have tried to put out a product that could be used as a stool to sit on that was portable and light and more often than not they were anything but!




WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewI will first off say I've own most of the portable stools and chairs on the market, I like to have something to sit on when fishing for the day. Not that you need it, you can make a stool, but when you're out to fish you want to spend your time doing that not building furniture!


WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewWalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewThe WalkStool is the best one I have used. It does cost more than any other I've used but it's worth it hands down! I have paid up to $60 for similar products, but none were as portable or comfortable when using long term. Often the fold up stools like ones I had that came with a backpack would start to hurt my butt after about a half hour, and long term, e.g. a week, they would fall apart! I will say this, you may think $100 for a stool is high but when you do the research you will soon see that it's not and for the quality, portability and light weight I have not used anything that can beat it!

WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewI've been using the WalkStool for a few months and not only has it been a real joy to use it's also very light at only 1.88lbs. The thing that struck me the most was how useful the product was, not just for backpacking and fishing, but in everyday life!



WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewWalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewI will point out this is not something just for the outdoors person at all. This is something for everyone, even if you never find yourself in the woods! The WalkStool is just as useful changing a tire, doing somefixing around the house, picnics, ball games, even if you're an older person just having something to sit down on long walks or even just around the campfire. Another use I soon figured out was how well it was suited to being a rest for your rifle. If you keep the legs compressed and flip the whole seat over so that the rubber feet are pointed up you can rest your rifle on these rubber feet and have full range of movement.

WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewSomething I used to experience and many have, is how useful this item would be on a job site. Often people spend all their time bending over or kneeling down and this can be very hard on the body. Having a small stool like the WalkStool along on service calls, in your toolbox or truck, can save you a lot of pain in the long run and for the money it will pay for itself in a few days!

When compressed and ready for storage in its own storage bag (which also doubles as a little backpack for the stool), if you pull the strings each string is attached to the bottom of the bag and acts like straps, allowing this to be used like a backpack. This little carrying case in not low quality like is found with most products, the case is every bit as good as the product itself and I can say with full confidence that it will last a long time. It's made of a thick and durable mesh that is similar if not better than what is used in some backpacks.

WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewNow lets talk durability. I'm not a small guy nor am I easy on gear, so I can tell you very fast if something is going to last. I've been reviewing gear for over 7 years and using it for over 25 years so I have some idea what will last and what will not, and when it comes to the WalkStool it's top of the line! After all what you would you expect from Swedes, they make some of the best products in the world, just ask anyone who owns a Swedish knife!

WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewThe WalkStool can be used fully extended or compressed. It's far more stable when extended but if you wanted to leave it compressed - maybe it's too high for the project you're working on or you just like it that way - you can still use it, but it does take getting used to. In the compressed position you need to balance because all three feet are at a point, but I found it to be very stable and doesn't slip, and the firmer the ground the more stable it is.

WalkStool Comfort 65 XXL ReviewOnce you take the stool out of the package you will find that it all is held together with a Velcro strap. All you do is pull the strap off and the stool opens up... just extend the legs (similar to how high quality camera tripods work) and you're sitting.

There is nothing to working the stool and this is another point I wanted stressed, the stool is very similar to high quality camera tripods and I think this is where it gets most of its strength to weight ratio. The quality in materials is very similar and this is what gives its ability to be so light while still supporting so much weight.

This model is the WalkStool Comfort 65 XX-L. The Comfort is for its seat, it's a little larger. It's also a higher model, which is what the XXL is in the name, so this model gives you a little more height and a little more seat size, and in turn, also gives you a little more weight capacity. This model can support over 550lbs and I've even seen ads where they had a number of them holding up a car, so if you have any idea that you're too big or weight too much to use one YOU'RE WRONG!

They do make a great number of versions from very small lightweight models to very high capacity models and you will find one to fit your needs no matter what your needs are! I've been fishing in places where you could almost not even stand, let alone sit down, places like bogs and river edges, and having a product like the WalkStool changes the game. I can tell you no matter how much of a man you are having to stand in one spot for 12 hours fishing is not fun, but having a product along like the WalkStool makes a fun day of fishing even more enjoyable!

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