BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio Review

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewThere's been an influx of Chinese radios coming into the market over the past few years, and people in the prepping & survival community have been buying them up with good reason!

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewThese radios have a ton of features for the money and 99% of them run well under $100. This makes them not just affordable but if you want to buy more than one, also doable!




BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewI myself own a number of them and swear by them. They're cheap yes, but only in cost - the features they offer for the money is staggering. First you get a flashlight, almost everyone comes with one built in, even the BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W. What's great about this is it has multiple modes like S.0.S and strobe. I've been trapped in the woods before with no flashlight so it always makes life easier when you have backup light.

Next is modes, the BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W has many modes that allow it to function as multiple versions of radios all in one. Such as the FRS channels, also knows as Family Radio Service. This is a free to use without any license set of channels that everyone can use. They run from:

Channel 1 462.5625
Channel 2 462.5875
Channel 3 462.6125
Channel 4 462.6375
Channel 5 462.6625
Channel 6 462.6875
Channel 7 462.7125
Channel 8 467.5625
Channel 9 467.5875
Channel 10 467.6125
Channel 11 467.6375
Channel 12 467.6625
Channel 13 467.6875
Channel 14 467.7125
FRS Designated Frequencies US and Canada

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewNow we've covered two devices this little radio can replace or most importantly back up. You have far more, such as the FM radio. The BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W as functions as a full FM radio giving you all the channels you would normally pick up with an FM handheld. This is one of the most useful things in a survival situation, being able to check local FM channels for news, and the ability to have it all rolled into one radio is awesome. Now if you're keeping score that's 4 devices covered in one product.

The UV-5R TP 8W also has you covered when it comes to NOAA weather channels. These are the channels you want to monitor if you think you're going to be out for an extended time and weather might be an issue. The info channels for emergency news and weather can save your life if you're out in the elements or if a storm is coming.

These channels are:

162.400 MHz
162.425 MHz
162.450 MHz
162.475 MHz
162.500 MHz
162.525 MHz
162.550 MHz

Now don't forget we're keeping score and that's number 5!

The next is an alarm mode. This mode is a small feature but can have big value if you're unable to talk. Similar to a whistle, it can alert people to where you are in an emergency. It sounds like a cop car and the lights on the radio also blink and flash. It's also volume controllable and the alarm is only as loud or strong as you need it to be, which is a very surprising function that is useful, and remember we're keeping score and that's the 6th device function!

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewAlong with all these you also have the standard functions like VOX (voice operated transmission) which allows you to operate your radio with just your voice and no need to push buttons.

The BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W has one function that is better than all my other radios and that's what the W8 stands for - 8 watts of power, making this model twice as powerful as most. adds even more power by providing a 3800mah battery with this radio, over 1800mah more than a lot of retailers are selling them with. This brings me to a point I like to make: when you search for any product to buy make sure you don't just look at the radio, make sure you're reading the specs. Many companies may sell a nearly identical product but the specs can be totally different such in this case. gives you a far more powerful battery!

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewNow I've covered a lot of functionality so far and I haven't even brushed on the main function. the HAM radio! The BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W is a full stack 8-watt handheld Ham radio which gives you a worldwide radio network at your fingertips. Using repeaters these radios can be used just about anywhere in the world and over long distances easily, of course taking into account for terrain and weather.

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewNow for programming, and yes unlike cheap FRS radios these can be plugged into the computer using the Baofeng Radio Programming Cable. I recommend buying this cable with the radio for many reasons. It can take hours to program just one of these radios by hand, not to mention if you have to do more than one. Having the USB cable will allow you to both pull down a copy of the radio settings and upload new ones, this also allows you to have one set of settings and frequencies and be able to upload it to multiple radios saving you tons of time! I also went with the Nagoya NA-771 Antenna for Baofeng UV-5R Original, it's a much larger and longer aerial and it allows for better much reception.

BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio ReviewI know that I've covered a lot but there is so much more that you could pretty much write a book on all these little radios can do and here is a list of just some of the features:



1) Frequency Step Setting
2) High &Low Power Switchover
3) Battery Saving
4) VOX Function
5) Wide/Narrow Band Selection
6) Auto-Back Light
7) Dual Band Standby
8) Time-out Timer (TOT)
9) 50 CTCSS and 104 DCS Codes
10) Voice Prompt
11) ANI Code
12) PC or Manual Program
13) DTMF Code
14) PTT-ID
15) AUTO Keypad Lock
16) Busy Channel Lock Function
17) Dual Band, Dual Display and Dual Standby
18) Emergency Alarm
19) Priory Scanning Function
20) Relay Forwarding Confirmed (1750 HZ)
21) Low Battery Warning
22) U/V Cross Band Dual Watch

The BAOFENG UV-5R TP 8W Two 2-Way Ham Radio comes with all the things seen here in the photo such as aerial, charger, earpiece, wrist strap, and belt clip. The belt clip is something I wanted to point out also, as it screws on. Why I think this is so important is, often with radios the first thing to go is the belt clip and if they break then you don't have a way to clip them on, but with this one if it should break you can order another one and then just unscrew the old one.

In my opinion, everyone should own at least one of these radios for the home. They're not just extremely useful but they could save you or your family some day, and also keep in mind there's a reason why the government uses radios like these when all else fails, because they work and you can depend on them when trouble strikes!


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